Brymo – Tabula Rasa (The Gift) + Album Tracklisting


’s 4th studio album is coming in just 2 weeks from now, October 30th.

The album has been titled Tabula Rasa which means Blank Slate.

The album has already seen a single, Fe Mi released (Download here).

Tabula Rasa has been made available for preoder on Amazon, while you pre-order your copy peek the album tracklisting.

(1.) Back to Love

(2.) Fe Mi

(3.) Prick No Get Shoulder [Explicit]

(4.) Dear Child

(5.) Je’le O Sinmi

(6.) Never Look Back

(7.) Alone

(8.) Jungle Fever

(9.) 1 Pound

(10.) Nothing’s Ever Promised Tomorrow…

(11.) Again


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