OkHype Media LLC. Audio/Video Promotion Details, Pricing & Features

Do you know that some artiste that is signed today in the music industry did not joke with their song promotion, do you know why ? it’s a vital step to your stardom. A single promotion can get you that record deal!

Take Advantage Of This:
1. Your Music get Featured on our Website with millions of Pageviews Daily. [SEE OUR STATISTIC ACCORDING TO GOOGLE ANALYTIC]
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8. We Guarantee you thousands of downloads in 30days time + Downloads from social media’s (i.e) Your song will be downloaded a million times as years approaches, giving it maximum exposure that may attract a Record Label, as far as you are good in what you do.

We will never force you to do a promo with us, but as a media expert, promotion is very vital for upcoming and even known artiste.

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