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Jada Pallock Reacts To Disney Making Elsa A Lesbian In Frozen 2

Wizkid’s third babymama and manager, Jada Pollock thinks Disney’s new move to give Elsa a girlfriend is obscene to the young minds.

Jada reacted to Disney making Elsa a lesbian in Frozen 2 saying ‘our world is coming to a dreadful end.’

She took to her her status to share a snapshot of the news report that a character, Elsa is going to have a gay partner in the next movie.

She said;

“This has got to stop. Like I am not against anybodys sexual orientation but dame this has got to stop. Why are we trying to brainwash our children’s mind so much with this. I’m appalled with Disney i how hard they are going with displaying what i believe is so much LGBT on cartoons and kids shows. Our world is slowly coming to a dreadful end.”

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