Mr. P – Cool It Down


Mr. P – Cool It Down

Mr. P – Cool It Down. One half of the singing duo, P-square, let the cat out of the bag by unleashing a power pack single, the video to this single has been shot and the visuals is lit!

Who says Peter Okoye doesn’t know how to do good music? Well, the former member of the group, P-Square debuts with his first solo effort titled “Cool It Down”.

Listen below and tell us if this is the right path to take by Mr. P.


Mr. P – Cool It Down


  1. Mr P and Paul okoye.... I have listen to your single... Mehn.. You guys are better off together...the singles are empty


  2. Kintek

  3. i can consider the single, God has made it two,that is why u are bless, why will you separate on earth? better come together again.2 in one A K A, man of all.

  4. one question for you, why it is after departure of your mother you started have critical issues? check your selfs there is error somewhere.

  5. Please let the separate if thets how thier juju decides. I like Paul like mom. That guy I’d talented. Lobe live rude boy

  6. I think Is high time for u guys to use ur brain and stop this rubbish u are doing,u better reconcile and come back will never go well for who ever that is doing this to u people cos I know something is wrong somewhere.

  7. Why are u guys livin life like dis it too not help plz i want u guys to cme back before 15 of this mouth. even God is n

  8. pls mr p and rudeboy you were made to be together pls come back together remember dat two good head is better than one one love

  9. Am Lilzeal-ako,O’Town upcoming art.I believe two good heads are far better than one so you guys should step up,make up,no dey fuck up,infact if no be for one thing i for say make una luck up.u cant afford to be need each other.Peter &Paul sings good music but P-sqaure sing best music.

  10. My heart is broken. P-square needs to reunite. You guys are my favorite African musicians, come back together please……

  11. Mr p, I love you, this track is cooling my hotness down, keep it up, but remember that Broda Deliver Broda

  12. please you guys should come together again.when listened to your first songs,i mean temptation, that album blow my mind and you guys are why i love music.please i beg you guys in the name of God and your beloved late mother to come together again.i love you guys so much and my love for you guys will never die as long as i love.psquare oh pquare.some thing is wrong somewhere and who so ever that is responsible for this split of a lovely adenticle twins must be put to shame in Jesus name and i say a big AMEN.

  13. My african besties blessed twinz like me continue together coz nobody ugly kikk i like u guyz

  14. Mr p & rudeboy, i luv u guyz singing 2gether. Ur late mom will nt be happi with u both. U guyz should reconile again

  15. Mr p l have leastined to this particular song COOL IT DOWN and it gives me courage as well but you too matters a lot we the odians are waiting for you too to return and psquare will never separate again thanks


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